It’s a busy road, of course a busy city as well. I shifted to this part of the city for to work. Had rented a house, lived alone and had my own bike as well, to commute to my work place. Each day I notice around most people driving with their companions. They looked happy, those smiles where I felt the traffic too didn’t hurt them much. I’m just too crazy about bikes, my bike is my love; my companion. I never gave a thought about needing another human companion with me just for the sake of driving along but in later times I indeed started feeling a little lonely. Wondered how would I even make new friends in this new city who would share my kind of interests. For me, I felt the usual online dating apps wouldn’t work because I barely feel connected over the internet talks and chats. Moreover I wasn’t actually looking for dates but a person who could relate to my interests and whom I could call a friend! more like my road trip buddy! Will I even find someone of that kind on a usual dating app was my serious question. Few days later I came to know about this amazing app, Blind Meet. I was indeed surprised by the very concept of this app where I could choose my preferences and meet them. And it was here, the day, my time to meet the girl I had matched with on Blind Meet! We met, spoke all about bikes! She was a bike lover as well, she loved bikes as well. We often started to drive around the weekends. Now I must say that I indeed found my travel buddy!