It was a weekend. Me and my high school friends planned to hang out at a eatery. We were 3 of us, all girls, excited to meet up after long. So we went about talking about our university, classes and all the new friends we made. “Oh, my god! Girls, check this app it’s so unique and safe as well!”, said one of my friend looking at her phone. All our eyes lit up. We had a same thought in our minds, it was so coincidental that we had all been doing most things together, our dance group in high school, our pre-uni trips and most things! We downloaded the app right away, chose our preferences. It was instant! The app assigned us a nearby mall for our meets, whew! We were all on the same level of excitement. Each of us met our matches. That evening as usual we were on our group chat. It was so glad that all of us had met a compatible match! We continued chatting with our matches for next few days and got to know them better. Next thing we had on all our minds was to have a group meet! Now it wasn’t just a group of five girls but it has turned out to be a group of ten best friends! We have been enjoying our times, indeed Blind Meet brought us all together. We all are so happy for this!