Something amazing happened last week. I was wondering whether I could meet someone new while I was on a business trip. I was free in the afternoons after all the meetings and the endless banter at presentations. While browsing through various dating apps, I came across this wonderful new app called BlindMeet. It would not reveal the identity of the person I was going to meet. Perfect. I like something challenging. I was thrilled to meet this new acquaintance after about an hour. We started chatting. And then I found out something unique about her. It seemed that she knew my family. It had been an odd coincidence that our surnames had matched. But as I slowly got to know her I came to realise we were related to each other. It was an amazing revelation. I could not believe my luck. Here I was, meeting a stranger and she was related to me on my grandfather’s side! Her grandfather had been my grandfather’s cousin. I felt amazing. She not only shared a lot of my interests but we were family! We exchanged addresses and she promised me she would come and visit us someday. BlindMeet had truly set me up with not just an amazing person but also a beautiful experience. After our meet, I excitedly told my parents about the encounter. They hadn’t even known that Grandpa had a cousin brother. I was glad I hadn’t wasted time on something banal and chosen BlindMeet instead. I got to know a whole new family through the app!