A few of us had gathered together to celebrate my birthday. We were mostly friends and colleagues from the same locality. Some of us had known each other for years. We decided we would have some extra fun. On the day after my birthday, towards the evening I suggested that we meet up with some strangers and see if they would like to make merry with us. We were a bunch of extroverts and this idea seemed really cool to us. I had recently come to know about this app called BlindMeet. We were excited by the prospect of keeping our identities secret. We enabled the nearby meet feature. Two of us decided to use the app for meeting new dates and the rest of us just wanted to know new people. The app had fixed the place for us, a nearby restaurant. We had been waiting for a couple of minutes when our respective matches showed up. We were quite impressed. Time passed by as we chatted and drank to each other's health. We were really enjoying the company. We decided to make the evening more memorable by going to a nearby theatre and catching the recent blockbuster that had come out. We parted rather late, all of us laughing and cheerfully saying our goodbyes. It was an awesome evening. I really loved the nearby meet mode on BlindMeet.