Why us?

Companies love getting into business partnerships with us, and here's why!


The youth is an important customer base to entertain, as they bring in the trends and the fads. 90% of our users are under the age of 25!

Pay for only walkins

Enjoy the privilege of paying us ONLY when someone comes to your place, i.e., a meet happens in your premises. On the contrary, forums like Google, Facebook and YouTube Ads charge per click or view and this doesn't necessarily warrant a real visit.

Lowest Pay Per Real Visit

Get exciting offers and pay the lowest fares per walk-in. Part with less than $1 per visit against the usual market deal of 20% of the bill amount on other forums!

Long Time Spent

People who meet up for the first time tend to hang out for a decently long period of time. More time spent at a café/restaurant automatically implies that they'll order more things!

What Our Existing Partners say!

It is important to us to understand and take constant feedback from our partners about our forum and the happenings.