Who is eligible?


Join us for exciting internships and part time gigs! Seize the chance to become a campus ambassador.

Social Media Influencers

Are you Insta famous? Do you have souring followers on Twitter and Facebook? We're looking to make a niche for ourselves, which can now be accomplished, with your help!


Looking to invest your time in something refreshing, fun and interesting? Sign up and collaborate with us for design, content and development!

People looking for a cool job

Want to join the Blind Meet team? Zoom over to the CONTACT US section and drop us a mail!

What do I get?


Monetary benefits for your hardwork because we believe in a rewarding a job well done.

Cool Goodies

Bags, T Shirts, key chains and many more interesting customised merchandise up for grabs!

Events Access

Free access to select paid events exclusively on Blind Meet!

Fun Packed Work Space

After all, life is all about making memories. YOLO! Make them count!

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