It’s always hard to narrate a story that brings a person too many emotions. Sitting at my desk as I try to write my story, I too, struggle to decide where to begin. I have been fighting depression for the last few months. Thinking about it brings a shiver up my arms and into my neck. I can vividly remember the days, I felt waves of panic without reason, the unwillingness to do even the most mundane of tasks, not to mention the rising feeling of hatred towards myself. Depression is a taboo word in India and opening up to others about it may not always help. But friends do come in handy, especially my very stubborn best friend, who hooked me up an account on Blind Meet, and set the preferences to Friends. At that moment, I shrugged it off as another desperate, futile move to feel better. I am being very honest when I say, the first few meet ups were boring, and seemed very aimless to me. I felt the same, and I kept pointing that out to my friend, but she was determined and kept pushing me to meet more people. I don’t know what changed over the months, and can’t really point out to that one particular meet up that changed me and my life, but it did. Months of striking seemingly fruitless conversation with strangers about things that didn’t necessarily have to be about myself, helped me tremendously. It lifted this invisible boulder off my shoulders significantly. I wouldn’t say that I’m a 100% over the depression, but Blind Meet significantly helped me find my way back from the darkness.