There are a lot of dating apps out there but they don't really have a strong front when it comes to meeting people securely. I was at the receiving end of a pretty bad experience once where one guy I had met on a date stalked me back home. Ever since then I have become a lot more cautious, not just about the people I meet but also the apps I use. At the suggestion of one of my friends I figured out that I could only find a good app through trial and error. This was a good idea, since I would also meet someone new every time. I decided to be very careful and go ahead with this approach. I recently discovered BlindMeet. It suited my needs nicely. I could use it for dating as well as networking with various strangers even if only for friendship. I saw that if I did not like my match I could safely ignore them after the meet. I was very thankful for this feature. Because of my insecurities from the previous bad experience I wouldn't have been able or willing to take risks. But BlindMeet gave me a way to connect with random strangers again exactly in the same fun way as I used to but made it much safer. Very recently I met an amazing guy through the app and we hit it off. We have been dating for a while now and I am very happy with the way we are going. Finally I think I found a great app that has everything I need.